16 Things you learn as a Solo Traveler

1. Eating whatever: after living a long time without delivery, without your car and with few money; you learn how to deal with every day meals with whatever you have…. pasta with carrot? rice with egg? that’s fine!

2. Austerity: I know it can be hard to understand this if you haven´t been on the situation…. but I can assure you that the less you have, the freer you feel and the less you need. “Unless you reduce your needs, you will never be fulfilled” by Robin Sharma is one of my fav. quotes.

3. To be bored: better than having a full agenda is to have time to simply do nothing! From there, the best ideas are generated and creativity appears; as well as good books and spontaneous plans.

4. The say “Nobody gives you anything”, is not always true!

5. To live without a TV: living in a van, guesthouses or tents helps you to lose that (bad) habit. Then, whenever you watch it, you truly enjoy it.

6. Lose your fears: I truly believe that the more you lose your fears, the safer you live. After walking alone in Filiphine´s routes at night; dark streets in Bangkok or sleeping in the middle of nowhere in Laos I can say that most of the times, the fear is only inside our minds!

7. Connecting with people from a different place: you learn to have less small conversations (what do you do for a living? do you have a couple?) and go for the deeper ones (what are your passions?).

8. To appreciate everything: having your own house, your own shower, family meals, soccer afternoons, going out with friends… after being away for a long time, everything that was “ordinary” in your life, gains huge value now and you learn how to truly enjoy it.

9. Mindfulness: always. You learn to live your life NOW. Not only in the good moments… you learn to live every moment.

10. “Out of body experience”: you learn to take distance from yourself and to better analyze the situations (and to take selfies!).

11. To trust in people: I believe it is better to trust and then realize that you shouldn’t have… than to never try! Most of the times you will be surprised how nice the people is (when you give them the opportunity).

12. Not knowing the date: you are so focused on the good things of your life, that you might be even enjoying a monday morning!

13. To be more curious: you tend to make more questions, and to be interested in people´s different ways of living, their history, their language, their attitude… how they speak, how they show their emotions, how they love….

14. To live an abundant life: when you start to be grateful about everything you have, I can promise you that the universe will conspire to work magic in your life.

15. To open up: to say, to do, to live… to BE.

16. To be really alone: as you spend so much time by yourself, you learn (either you like ir or not) to listen to yourself, to trust in yourself, to be strong and to know every aspect of your personality…

Trust the Universe: I am sure there is a perfect plan designed for each of us… and the more you work on yourself, the easier will be to find and follow your path. 






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